DING Best Practices: How to boost the number of applications on your job ads

What is the number of started applications on your job ad?

Number of started applications shows you the number of students who started applying to your job ad, but didn’t necessarily finish the application. 

What influences the number of started applications?

The number of started applications is most influenced by the text of the ad itself, i.e. the long description. We understand that often, due to lack of time, companies publish half-edited descriptions or copy-paste older ads, but this is not the way to attract top candidates. Here you will find out what are the key elements that every job ad needs to have and how to encourage candidates to apply to your ads.

Job ad description. The goal of the job ad description is to simply and clearly describe what will the person in this position does, what will be their daily tasks and how will they contribute to the company’s goals. This part doesn’t have to be too long, choose only the information that will actually be useful to candidates and write them out in bullet points. For example:

Job description:

  • Social media management (FB, IG, LI, TikTok)
  • Email marketing (we use Mailchimp)
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • Cooperation with the Social Media Team

List of required qualifications. This helps students see if they are a good match for this position or not. Be careful, if you want to attract more students to apply to your job ad, don’t overdo it with the list of qualifications. If you want to make the list shorter, but you don’t know what to remove from the list – you can divide it into must-have and nice-to-have qualifications. For example:

Must have qualifications:

  • Excellent knowledge of the English language in speech and writing
  • Previous work experience in marketing
  • Minimum availability 20 hours per week
  • Responsibility and good organization skills

Nice-to-have qualifications:

  • Experience in working with Google Ads, Meta Ads and/or  Canva
  • Experience in video editing
  • Portfolio posted on DING

We recommend you to go for 4-6 must-have qualifications and write them out in bullet points so it’s easier to read.

Benefits. Now that you’ve written out qualifications for the role, it’s time to write out the benefits too. The benefits offered by the company often play a significant role in whether students apply for a position or not. Therefore, do not miss this part of the job description. What benefits do students get from working with you? How do you stand out from all the other employers? Some of the TOP benefits that students and juniors prefer are:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Hybrid work mode / Work from home (ads with the option to work from home have 80% more applications than ads that do not have this option)
  • 1 on 1 mentoring
  • Paid education
  • Possibility of employment after finishing the college

Student-friendly tone of voice. Before posting a job ad, think about whether your ad sounds attractive to students. We recommend that you keep a relaxed and friendly tone, because you are communicating with a young audience. Feel free to include humor and emojis in your communication. 😊

Remember, job description should grab and hold the candidate’s attention. Avoid writing too long descriptions. Focus on the information that will be most important to the candidate, and those are daily work tasks, required qualifications and benefits of employment in your company. Edit this information to make the ad visually appealing and the number of applicants will surely increase.